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At Health Analytics Connect, our dynamic team is passionate about designing actionable solutions that optimize your resources. We specialize in data ingestion, aggregation, and seamless integration of diverse data sources, providing expert guidance in data analytics strategies. With extensive knowledge of healthcare methodologies and algorithms, we help clients optimize data utilization using various tools. Our strength is crafting optimal data visualization and presentation solutions for a broad audience, from C-Suite executives to operational and analytic users. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training services, covering everything from fundamental healthcare data and analytics to advanced techniques for presenting and applying intricate insights.

Trust us to bring your projects over the finish line and conquer the last mile with our expert tools:

  • Report Generator
  • Outcomes Analyzer
  • Analytic Recipes
  • Healthcare Analytics Training & Development

Report Generator℠

Transform Your Analytics Reporting Journey with Report Generator

The analytics reporting journey can be challenging and resource-intensive. Adapting to evolving needs takes time and money, even with a data warehouse and reporting solution. Report Generator alleviates these challenges and enhances your reporting processes:

  • Seamless Integration: Connects effortlessly with your existing data infrastructure.
  • Effortless Data Integration: Incorporate external data sources easily.
  • Customizable Reporting: Create visually precise, customizable reports.
  • Automated Updates: Benefit from regular, automated updates.
  • Minimal Resource Requirement: Requires minimal internal IT resources.
  • Cost-Effective: Ensures a confident investment.

Designed for self-funded employers, health plans, brokers, consultants, and providers, Report Generator integrates with your data repository while adhering to security, privacy, and compliance standards. It works with claims and non-claim health data, including medical, pharmacy, eligibility, wellness programs, biometrics, and lab results.

Key Features Include:

  • Highly customizable look and feel with configurable measures, dimensions, and chart objects.
  • Quick and easy updates without needing internal IT or vendor support.
  • Scheduling capabilities for timely report delivery.

With our robust library of report templates, Report Generator can help you uncover the drivers of trends, identify high-cost employees and providers, analyze network performance, detect risks, and perform deep dives into specific conditions. It also provides integrated views of cost and usage across medical, pharmacy, FMLA, occupational, and non-occupational disability benefits. By using Report Generator, you can ensure that you have the information you need to make informed, data-driven decisions and optimize your healthcare strategy.

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Report Generator Success Story

"Health Analytic Connect's Report Generator has revolutionized our reporting process,
enabling us to produce accurate and comprehensive reports quickly and efficiently."

Jerry S., Chief Data Officer, National Health Plan



A national health plan faced significant challenges in efficiently generating comprehensive and accurate reports. The existing reporting processes were time-consuming and prone to errors, which hindered their ability to make data-driven decisions and communicate effectively with stakeholders. The lack of streamlined reporting also resulted in delays in addressing critical issues and missed opportunities for improvement.


The health plan implemented Health Analytic Connect's Report Generator tool, a cutting-edge solution designed to automate and streamline the report generation process. This tool allowed them to easily create detailed, customizable reports with just a few clicks. The Report Generator integrated seamlessly with their existing data systems, ensuring that the reports were accurate and up-to-date.


By utilizing the Report Generator, the health plan significantly reduced the time and effort required to produce comprehensive reports. What previously took days or even weeks could now be accomplished in hours. The tool’s automation capabilities eliminated manual errors and ensured consistency across all reports. As a result, the health plan experienced a 40% reduction in reporting time and a notable increase in the accuracy of their reports. This efficiency enabled them to respond more swiftly to emerging issues and make informed decisions that positively impacted their operations and member outcomes.


Health Analytic Connect's Report Generator has transformed the health plan's approach to reporting. The ability to generate accurate and timely reports with ease has empowered the organization to make more informed, data-driven decisions. This has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also improved their ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders. The Report Generator has proven to be an invaluable tool, driving better outcomes and reinforcing the health plan’s commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare management.

Outcomes Analyzer℠

Population health programs are essential for improving patient outcomes and achieving significant cost savings. With numerous programs in operation, precise performance information is crucial, especially for demonstrating value to stakeholders.

Outcomes Analyzer, an innovative AI-powered solution, enables health plans to quantify program cost and quality while automatically reporting ROI to employer accounts. It sets a highly credible standard based on an independent, robust methodology.

Let's explore how it transforms the payor’s approach to evaluating and demonstrating population health initiative success.

Outcomes Analyzer Success Story

Outcomes Analyzer gave us clear, unbiased insights that validated our ROI and
identified key cost-saving areas, significantly enhancing our program's effectiveness. 

...Melissa P., Large Regional Health Plan



A large regional health plan was facing significant challenges in demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of its healthcare initiatives to its employer accounts. It struggled with effectively analyzing the outcomes and producing clear, impactful reports. The lack of streamlined analytical tools resulted in inefficient processes and hindered its ability to provide value-driven insights to its clients.



Outcomes Analyzer seamlessly integrated disparate data sources and applied advanced analytics to quantify the ROI of their healthcare initiatives. Customizable reports and intuitive dashboards enabled the health plan to analyze outcomes accurately and present the findings clearly and compellingly to their employer accounts.


The health plan generated reports that provided their employer accounts with tailored insights directly addressing their needs and goals. The health plan experienced a 30% increase in the accuracy of ROI calculations, enhanced clarity and depth in reports, making insights more actionable for employer accounts, the ability to identify trends and areas for improvement more quickly and effectively, and improved client satisfaction.



The health plan offered their employer accounts clearer and more actionable insights, which helped demonstrate the tangible benefits of their healthcare initiatives. The ability to clearly articulate the ROI of healthcare programs allowed the health plan to differentiate itself in a competitive market, ultimately driving client retention and growth.



Analytic Recipes℠

At Health Analytics Connect, we aim to leverage data analytics to empower healthcare stakeholders. Our Analytic Recipes are tailored to address current issues, hot topics, and significant health concerns impacting health plans and employer programs. We've developed recipes on GLPs (Glucagon-Like Peptides), childhood obesity, vaping, and peripheral artery disease (PAD). These recipes provide strategic insights for informed, forward-thinking decisions, helping clients anticipate market shifts and navigate the evolving healthcare landscape. We bridge the gap between quality patient care and financial efficiency, transforming data into a powerful tool for empowered decision-making. 

Explore our Analytic Recipes to see how we can help you achieve your goals. 

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Analytic Recipe #1
Analytic Recipe #2
Analytic Recipe #3
Analytic Recipe #4
Analysis of Rising Pharmacy Costs and
Trends in GLP-1 / SGLT-2 Drug Utilization
Childhood Obesity in the U.S.: A Complex
Challenge Requiring Multifaceted Solutions
Unmasking the Vape Cloud
Harnessing Data Analytics to Combat PAD

Analytic Recipes Success Story

"Using Health Analytic Connect's Analytic Recipes, we quickly identified and addressed healthcare disparities
within our workforce, leading to significantly improved health outcomes and demonstrating our commitment to equity and inclusion."

...Sarah J., Chief Human Resources Officer



A large national employer faced significant disparities in healthcare outcomes among its diverse employee population. Addressing these inequities through targeted interventions was crucial, but the company struggled with the complexity of its data and the need for customized, actionable insights. Existing tools were inadequate for creating the specific analytics required to identify and address these disparities effectively.


The company turned to Health Analytic Connect's Analytic Recipes, a powerful tool designed to simplify the creation of customized analytics. This innovative solution enabled the development of tailored recipes that precisely addressed the unique needs of the diverse workforce. With Analytic Recipes, the organization could easily configure and deploy advanced analytics to pinpoint areas of disparity and measure the impact of interventions.


The company created and deployed targeted analytics identifying specific healthcare inequities among its employees. These insights facilitated the implementation of precise interventions, leading to measurable improvements in health outcomes. Within six months, the company observed a 25% reduction in disparities in chronic disease management and a 15% improvement in preventive care utilization among underrepresented groups. 


The ability to create customized analytics quickly and effectively empowered the organization to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources more efficiently. This tool enhanced the ability to improve employee health outcomes and reinforced the company's commitment to equity and inclusion. Leveraging Analytic Recipes, the organization successfully created a healthier, more equitable workplace and demonstrated its dedication to supporting the well-being of all employees.

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